Book trailer for 'Return to the Isle of the Lost'

It is her!
Deities Seth in AoA
Genie Chic Freddie 1

Walmart sent the right girl!

Genie Chic Freddie
Disney Jasmine LK art
Walmart supposedly has Genie Chic Freddie in stock:

I ordered one so we'll see what doll I actually get! I hope it's her. I love this version.



First look at CJ!
EAH DG Lizzie excited
It's tiny, but here's the first look at CJ Hook:

Upper right, next to Freddie.

ASM has a better shot!

New line alert: Neon Lights
With Toy Fair coming this weekend Hasbro released it's press kits for their coming lines and for Descendants they've revealed 'Neon Lights':

there's also a Jay with his Webisode/signature outfit set to come out. Hopefully we get another Lonnie soon too!

Via tumblr: Ally doll coming soon

he description is 100% disney store style but she wasn't there so where is she? curiouser and curiouser!
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Descendants POPs!

& random Skyrim guy if that's your thing.
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Genie Chic!
RBB Stormy face
Genie Chic Evie and Mal 1

I was surprised to see Mal and Evie on the shelves, especially because they were not there last night.

The best news is that they improved the hair. No more cheap-feeling dry ratty hair! That and the hideous glitter eyeshadow scrapes off really easily.

No Jordan and Audrey. My Freddie and Jordan from China should be here soon. They seem to be caught in some post-double-holiday postal sluggishness. Sigh. They've been in Flushing, NY since the 27th and 28th respectively, yet do not appear to have moved. Stupid lack of movement and/or tracking updates. But Mal and Evie have me even more excited for their arrival. I have a renewed Descendants love!

New Year, new doll exclusive? -
While on flickr, I spotted that someone discovered & linked too a Genie Chic Freddie -

The guess so far is she's a store exclusive so we'll see!


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