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community for the disney channel original movie 'Descendants' and all surrounding merch & media

This is a livejournal community dedicated to media related to or inspired by the Disney Channel Movie 'Descendants'. Feel free to post here about everything from the books to the dolls and the films themselves


1) Behave.

2) Please label all spoilers & place them behind LJ cuts.

3)Ditto for large text & graphics posts . For smaller pictures, one is allowed in the main text without a cut, but any more than that need to be placed behind a cut. Information on how to use cuts is here:

4) No stealing other people's images or icons.

5) Debates are welcome, disrespect is not so please be respectful when talking to fellow community members.

6) This might be a Disney Descendants community, but feel free to discuss properties you feel might relate here.

7) Buy/Sell/Trade posts are NOT allowed here. Please visit our sister community onestopdollshop for those needs.

8) Affiliation posts are welcome but, much like in rule 6, please try to make sure they are related specifically to Disney Descendants.

9) Scaplers are NOT tolerated and any members discovered to be doing this will be banned.

10) Anything involving illegal downloads is not allowed. No one's trying to get sued here so please keep it legal.
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